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Summer, Summer, Summertime

Southern California summer is here! Triple digits will become a daily occurrence for most of the Inland Empire and Lake Elsinore is no exception. Add the upcoming 4th of July celebrations and we have a recipe for fun… and sunburns. NO ONE enjoys a sunburn! Well, ok, maybe that’s an overgeneralization, I despise having a sunburn. I actively seek out sunscreen, a big hat, or a nice umbrella to protect myself from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

I thought I would take some time to breakdown who should be wearing sunscreen, what type of sunscreen is best, and what you can look for when you shop for sunscreen.

Who should wear sunscreen?

EVERYONE! I said what I said.

You and everyone else should be wearing sunscreen, because anyone can get skin cancer. There are two main types of skin cancers: Melanoma and Nonmelanoma. Within that, about 90% of non-melanoma and 85% of melanoma cancers are associated with UV radiation exposure from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can damage unprotected skin in as little as 15 minutes.

What type of Sunscreen is best?

When shopping for a sunscreen it is important to know what you are buying and why.

You might see sunscreens that have a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) number but it may not contain the ingredients necessary to protect your skin from UVA rays. I recommend using products that are labeled as Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, this will protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Broad Spectrum Sunscreens typically contain a physical block or protection, such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Whereas, a sunscreen that is not broad spectrum will help you to absorb the suns rays but doesn’t not create a block. Both chemical and mineral sunscreens are considered effective by the FDA.

How often do you need sunscreen?

Nothing lasts forever. This applies to sunscreen (you see what I did there). You should be applying sunscreen every two hours. This is especially important when you are in and out of the pool or if you are participating in getting your sweat on. I find it helpful to set a timer on my phone as a gentle reminder to reapply.

As many of you already know, I carry sunscreen in stock at Perfect Touch Massage and Esthetics. I can also provide you with recommendations for sunscreens to grab at your local convenience store. I also have some tips and tricks for your skin, just in case you do get a sunburn. Feel free to ask below for any recommendations.

So grab your cooler, your hat, and your sunscreen and enjoy your summer - Sunburn Free.

Take care of yourself.

Tiffanie V.

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